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IT'S TRUE! Electrolysis really does work

So, after years of shaving, waxing, plucking and laser I have decided I have had enough. I have traded it all in for electrolysis.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. Tiny needles shocking your hairs is a lot to get your head around and the YouTube videos and research telling me how much it was going to hurt didn’t help.

I entered the clinic and was met by two of the most lovely ladies I have ever seen in the beauty industry and guess what! They were over the age of 25 (a rare find in the beauty industry these days). I was taken to a room and my annoying hairs were assessed and the treatment was process was explained in great detail.

We entered the treatment room; I was asked to lay down on a bed and was covered with a nice warm blanket; a gel sticker was placed on my belly to earth the current that was about to be shocked back into me; then the process began as I received a 16 probe cycle.

At first I was thinking, "16 hairs removed for over $100 was a bit much". I soon realised it was 16 probes working at one time and once the 4 minute cycle was done they were removed from the spot and relocated (I was getting value for money). The hour was up and all my fears were put to rest. It didn’t hurt though I have to admit I did use a 2% numbing cream just in case.

Honestly ladies, permanent hair removal can actually happen. Contact Peach Clinics and you won’t regret it.

Cheyenne – July 2018
grey bearded manGC – Sept 2018

Straight Guy, Stray Stubble

I'm a mature straight guy who suffered literally for decades with stubble around my neckline aggravated every day by tight shirt collars plus longer stubble snagged and caught in fibres of high collars of casual clothes. I thought I had to just put up with it until I came across an article about permanent hair removal in a men’s magazine and decided to take action. My first step was to get informed on the various options: creams, laser or electrolysis and which was best for my particular needs. I ended up at the Peach Clinics website initially conducting research; all the options plus pros and cons of each were there in plain jargon! I opted for treatment at Peach Clinics for three main reasons:
  • Their website; it educated me allowing me to make an informed decision about the best treatment for me
  • Their attitude; they answered all my questions about costs and the number of sessions I might need for my particular condition. On both occasions when I called they responded with answers only, with no pressure to commit to an appointment!
  • Their personnel; Bronwyn the senior consultant who's conducted every one of my treatments, is only focused on you getting the end result you want as cost effectively as possible. As she said to me at one of our sessions...."we're successful because our clients recommend us to their friends not because of how many times they themselves visit us"
And that is exactly what I’m doing now, recommending Peach Clinics to any guy who's thinking of finally doing something about an issue that you thought you just had to put up with, well you don't!

World-class permanent hair removal

If you are looking for permanent hair removal, professional service and a comfortable experience, look no further than Peach Clinics! Both Bronwyn and Alice always deliver a smooth reception and a wonderful standard of care.

I cannot recommend Peach Clinics enough for their amazing expertise and world-class permanent hair removal!

Mx Lókja – October 2018

More feedback from our clients

Wonderful service and discreet treatment rooms. Felt like a VIP and would highly recommend.
Nicole – December 2017
Great experience from very knowledgeable and professional staff in a quiet and private clinic. Results truly speak for themselves.
Brendon – May 2018
Peach Clinics combines a lovely ambience with an utterly professional and innovative service offering. State of the art facilities with personal attention.
Marc – October 2017
Highly recommend Peach Clinic! The staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. Most importantly, the results speak for themselves. Only wish i knew about Peach Clinic sooner!
Peter M – October 2018

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