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PEACH CLINICS offers a program of intensive hair removal at Aldea Health Resort, in Marbella, Spain. This program is tailored to the needs of transwomen needing to permanently remove male-pattern hair growth and is recommended by FACIALTEAM, the world-renowned facial feminisation surgeons located nearby.

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Privacy, Confidence, Freedom!

confident transwomen

With PEACH CLINICS’ intensive permanent hair removal program at Aldea Health Resort, you can undergo treatments in the privacy of a safe and caring environment.

You can complete your hair removal program with the confidence of having achieved a hair-free, feminine skin texture that will never go away.

You will return home with the freedom of never worrying about a five o’clock shadow again.

PEACH CLINICS is dedicated to seeing you achieve your dream of smooth, hair-free skin by offering the most effective method of permanent hair removal available: galvanic electrolysis.

Why Galvanic Electrolysis?

Galvanic electrolysis has a proven track record of permanent results. It has been in use since 1875 and is still the only hair removal method recognised as permanent by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). No other method can make this claim.

Where thermolysis will usually require repeated treatment on the same hair over several sessions, galvanic electrolysis only requires one treatment per hair to permanently remove it and, overall, is a faster process because of this.

Galvanic electrolysis has a 140 year track record of safety and avoids the risks of burns, scars and pigmentation marks that can happen with other hair removal methods. Galvanic electrolysis is effective on every skin colour and every hair colour.

the galvanic electrolysis process for transwomen

Why Intensive Hair Removal?

PEACH CLINICS’ intensive permanent hair removal program at Aldea Health Resort is tailored to the needs of transwomen needing to permanently remove male-pattern hair growth.

Galvanic electrolysis to remove an average beard requires 150 hours of treatment when done as a 3 hour treatment each week for a year. You will also need to grow out your beard before every one of these weekly treatments. When undertaken through the intensive permanent hair removal program, efficiency gains will reduce this time to:

Just 100 hours over 6 months…
at 20% less cost…
and grow your beard just 4 times…

Overall savings are even greater when compared to other methods of hair removal such as laser or thermolysis which require repeated treatment on the same hair.

Intensive permanent hair removal can be booked to coincide with your facial feminization surgery (FFS) or in the months leading up to it. A commitment to four intensive electrolysis sessions over six months will see the elimination of most facial hair.

You do not need to be a patient of FACIALTEAM to take advantage of this intensive permanent hair removal program.

Intensive vs traditional

Transwomen electrolysis timeline
Transwomen hair removal timetable

What hair can I have permanently removed?

Galvanic electrolysis works on every hair colour and every skin colour. It is kind to your skin and encourages collagen production which will leave you with smooth, feminine skin.
PEACH CLINICS offers intensive permanent hair removal for:

Face, Chest, Body
and Genital Areas…

Galvanic electrolysis can be used to permanently remove male-pattern hair growth on any part of your body. As well as removing facial hair, hair can be removed from the chest, back, legs and even arms or hands.

If you are planning gender confirmation surgery, your surgeon will require you to permanently remove particular areas of hair in the genital region.

Intensive permanent hair removal for gender confirmation surgery can be carried out during your stay at Aldea Health Resort for facial feminization surgery. (FFS)

Why remove facial hair before FFS?

Hormone treatment to feminise your body will slightly slow and soften hair growth, but will never stop it. The best option is to permanently remove male-pattern facial hair using galvanic electrolysis prior to FFS surgery.

The densely packed follicles of a beard add to the shape of the typical square male jaw adding 6mm to 10mm of thickness to the soft tissue. This can mask the good results achieved from surgery. Removing facial hair prior to or at the time of FFS surgery can assist with surgical results as there is no guesswork in reconciling the outcome after surgery with the intended outcome after hair removal.

Your stay in Marbella for FFS surgery is an ideal time to also start your intensive permanent hair removal program.

Aldea Health Resort is located close to FACIALTEAM facilities at HC Marbella International Hospital and is the recommended accommodation for patients during their recovery following surgery.

The type and extent of your FFS surgery will determine the location and extent of facial hair removal that can be achieved during your stay.

Having FFS surgery will not affect your ability to have hair removed from other areas of your body during your recovery.

Transwomen diagram

The intensive permanent hair removal program at Aldea Health Resort

Transwomen Aldea health resort

This service is unique. Nowhere else is multi-probe galvanic electrolysis offered by way of an intensive permanent hair removal program.

As permanent hair removal requires hair growth to be visible in order to treat it, Aldea Health Resort provides the privacy to do this in a secluded environment away from prying eyes.

After your first treatment week, you will see a dramatic reduction in the number of visible hairs in your beard, increasing your ability to pass without makeup. Most visible facial hair will be removed in this first treatment week.

An intensive program
means less time in treatment…

Treatment is conducted in a one-day-on, one-day-off regimen. This allows your skin to recover between treatments and allows it to be monitored for side-effects. Each daily treatment lasts 6 to 8 hours including brief stretching breaks. Each treatment week consists of 4 days of treatment separated by 3 rest days. The entire program is made up of 4 treatment weeks.

Light anaesthetic and dissociation techniques are offered to assist with pain management during treatment.

Your health is our prime concern…
All anaesthetic is administered and monitored by qualified medical staff

On your days off, you can receive lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the circulation of your body’s lymph fluid, to reduce swelling and encourage healing. You can also take advantage of Aldea’s many spa facilities.

The intensive permanent hair removal program requires a break of 6 to 8 weeks between each treatment week. Hair grows in cycles with only a third to a quarter of hairs actually growing at any one time and perhaps two thirds visible. The remaining follicles are dormant. In order to allow the next cycle of hairs to grow out, treatment weeks are optimally booked at these intervals.

Unlike medical procedures and hormone therapy, no approval by a medical practitioner is required for intensive permanent hair removal and you can start at any stage in your transition.

Being far away from the pressures of home and work allows you to focus on achieving progress towards your transition with sufficient opportunity to recover before facing the world again.

Aldea Health Resort is situated in the hills above the beaches of Marbella, Spain: the perfect place to recuperate during and after your intensive permanent hair removal treatment. Discover more about Aldea Health Resort at

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