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  • Do I need heavy sedation to have intensive electrolysis?

    Most clients will undertake some form of pain management, usually by applying numbing cream which dulls the pain. We can provide information about various strengths of numbing creams at your initial consultation. Treatment in the genital area will require the strongest numbing cream. A nearby dentist can provide dental injections for the chin and lips to assist with pain management during treatment sessions.

  • Why is galvanic electrolysis more effective for intensive hair removal?

    Galvanic electrolysis is the only hair removal method that consistently eliminates the stem cells in the hair follicle's bulge.  As well, it destroys the blood supply at the base of the hair root in a single treatment. As a result, the hair can never regrow. Thermolysis or blend will typically require repeated treatment on the same hair over several sessions. Galvanic electrolysis, on the other hand, only requires one treatment on each hair to permanently remove it and intensive hair removal is a faster process overall because of this.

  • I have very thick hair. Am I going to need multiple treatments?

    It doesn’t matter how thick your hair is or how dense it is. Galvanic electrolysis, will work equally well on all hair thicknesses, all hair colours and all skin colours.

  • Is it true that waxing will have damaged my follicles and made electrolysis more difficult?

    No. Waxing can damage the follicle and cause ingrown hairs. However, because galvanic electrolysis is an electro-chemical process, it can get into any follicle no matter what its shape. By contrast, blend or thermolysis rely on direct contact with the hair for their effect and sometimes cannot get far enough into the follicle to be effective.

  • Is it true that galvanic electrolysis works best on lighter or finer hair?

    This is not true. Galvanic electrolysis is just as effective and just as fast on thick or dark hair as it is on light or fine hair.

  • Is it true that galvanic electrolysis only kills 80% of hairs at best?

    No, if administered correctly, galvanic electrolysis will deliver a result very close to 100%. This is a success rate far in excess of that achieved by blend or thermolysis. It is also why you will not need to have repeat treatments on the same hair.

  • I've heard electrolysis kills the follicle and makes it disappear. Is that true?

    Let's get some facts straight: Follicle is the name given to the complex miniorgan of the skin. It consists of the pilosebaceous unit and its associated structures, the sebaceous gland, the apocrine gland and the arrector pili muscle.

    You can never kill a follicle, but you can destroy its ability to regenerate more hairs. This is what galvanic electrolysis can do so effectively where other forms of hair removal cannot.

  • Will I need multiple treatments on the same hair to stop it from growing?

    You only need to treat a hair follicle once during ab intensive hair removal session galvanic to destroy its ability to regenerate more hair. This is why galvanic electrolysis is far more efficient than blend or thermolysis:  There is no need for multiple treatments – the hair is gone the first time.

  • Does my hair need to be in its growth phase for electrolysis to work?

    No. Because of the way galvanic electrolysis works, it is able to destroy the follicle’s ability to regenerate more hairs in any stage of the growth cycle. Because of this, in transgender intensive electrolysis we can treat all visible hairs with the same result. We don’t have to keep treating the same hairs, time and time again.

  • Do you use blend, thermolysis or laser in any stage of your treatment?

    Galvanic electrolysis is the only hair removal method we use in our transgender intensive electrolysis program. It removes each hair once and for all and can be used on all hair types. Blend, thermolysis or laser cannot match its success rate.

  • I have a skin condition. Does this mean I can't have intensive electrolysis?

    No, it does not. However, there are some medical and skin conditions that bring risks to the treatment. We can discuss this with you during your consultation and clinical assessment.

  • Do I need to be on hormones to have intensive electrolysis?

    No. Hormone treatment to feminise your body will slightly slow and soften hair growth, but will never stop it. However, treatment with galvanic electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair, even male-pattern facial hair, whether you are on hormones or not.

  • Can I talk to you or have a consultation before booking a treatment?

    We will not treat you until we take a comprehensive medical history from you at your initial consultation and clinical assessment. Based on that information and our professional assessment, we will give you realistic advice about whether our transgender intensive electrolysis program is the right treatment for you. We will also talk to you about skincare before, during and after treatment. We offer consultations by Skype and FaceTime.

  • Isn't thermolysis the same as electrolysis?

    No. People started calling thermolysis electrolysis because the instruments looked superficially similar. Both use a probe inserted into the follicle to administer treatment, but that's where the similarity ends.

    Thermolysis uses microwave energy to heat the follicle, burn the hair root and terminating its blood supply. However, this usually leaves the remainder of the follicle intact. Galvanic electrolysis uses an electrochemical reaction to destroy the hair root, follicle lining and bulge (containing the stem cells). This leaves the follicle unable to regenerate another hair.

  • Why haven't I heard about galvanic electrolysis before?

    Galvanic electrolysis is used in the UK, Australia and in the USA where it was invented. In Europe, most hair removal is done using thermolysis or laser. Both produce initially quicker, but less effective results than galvanic electrolysis. When you need hair removal which is truely permanent, galvanic electrolysis is the only effective solution and intensive hair removal sessions deploy this solution most efficiently.

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