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Tattoos are art and art should be seen, so plan before you ink! Excessive body hair will obscure your tattoo, making it less visible and less clear.

The only way to permanently stop hair growth over your tattoo without harming the tattoo itself is through galvanic electrolysis.

PEACH CLINICS can bring your tattoo out from under
that cloud of hair and into the light. Find out how below...

Permanent hair removal to make your tattoo pop

tattoo chest
PEACH CLINICS specialises in pre and post tattoo hair removal. If you want to have a tattoo on your back, leg, chest, or arm, you may be faced by the prospect of having to continually remove the hair from that area in order for the tattoo to be seen to its best advantage. Tattoos are there to be noticed, not hidden under hair.

You might resort to waxing every few weeks or shaving every day or so, to keep the area hair-free, but these are temporary solutions and can leave you with itching, irritation or ingrown hairs.

tattoo leg
Laser hair reduction is not an option as the laser is attracted to the pigment in the tattoo, sometimes leaving the tattoo patchy or colourless. It can also cause the pigment to react adversely, leaving your skin burnt and at risk of hyperpigmentation (where the skin trauma heals after laser and leaves an area of discolouration behind). It can also have an unpredictable response to an area near a tattoo as it is attracted to pigment in both your hair and your tattoo pigment. Distortion can occur.

tattoo hairy back
For a lifelong commitment to art on your body, you need to consider a permanent hair removal solution. PEACH CLINICS recommends that you start your hair removal before you start getting inked. If you already have a tattoo, we recommend waiting for about 4 to 6 weeks or until your skin recovers to begin electrolysis. Galvanic electrolysis will not distort your tattoo or wash out the pigments.

Come in to PEACH CLINICS today and discuss your plans to better display your body art to the world.