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All your hair - face, scalp and body is going to grow faster while you are pregnant. This will affect some women more than others but it is simply a reaction to your increased hormone levels. The important thing to remember is: This is NOT permanent!

There are no studies directly looking at the safety of electrolysis during pregnancy. Nor have there been any reported cases where electrolysis has been proven to cause harm to a foetus.

Notwithstanding that, at PEACH CLINICS we will not undertake galvanic electrolysis on you while you are pregnant, a position recommended by the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis. We look forward to seeing you after the birth of your baby.

Permanent hair removal during pregnancy

pregnant woman
During pregnancy, you're not actually growing more hair: you're just losing it more slowly and what looks like more hair is simply longer hair.

The extra oestrogen produced during pregnancy prolongs your hair's growth stage, resulting in very little shedding. The hair basically stays on the head, face and body longer because there's a delay in the normal shedding process.

You might also notice new hair growing in unwanted places like your face, stomach or around your nipples, while hair on your forearms and upper lip can appear thicker and darker. Don't worry: the excess hair should fall out within 6 months of giving birth.

When your hormone levels even out about 6 to 9 months after birth (longer if you’re breastfeeding) your hair’s growth cycle will go back to normal; body hair will thin out and lighten again.

For some women, this transition is dramatic, resulting in a condition called telogen effluvium, where scalp hair may come out in handfuls. Some of the hair changes that happen during and after pregnancy can be distressing, but it’s important to remember that they are temporary and they are common.