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Body image is important to your sense of well-being and, as a woman, your confidence and self-esteem can be affected by unwanted hair.

No matter where your unwanted hair is, you will want to be permanently rid of it. Informed women know to turn to galvanic electrolysis as their permanent hair removal solution since galvanic electrolysis successfully destroys unwanted hair PERMANENTLY with unparalleled results.

What can I do to remove my hair permanently?

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Your body undergoes many changes throughout life that can trigger unwanted hair growth. Adolescence, pregnancy and menopause bring on hormonal changes that may cause unwanted hair to appear. In addition, heredity and the side effects of medications can also bring on excessive hair growth.

You may feel uncomfortable reaching out for help dealing with your excess hair, but you are not alone. Facial hair and hair on parts of the body, such as breasts, are not often discussed as many women think that no-one else has this problem.

This is not the case and hair in these areas is more common than you would think.

PEACH CLINICS will also remove hair to help you with grooming. We can permanently shape your eyebrows, remove underarm hair, style your bikini line or remove this hair altogether. Imagine never having to shave or wax your legs again!

Areas where we can help you with permanent hair removal

female hair removal diagramGalvanic electrolysis is able to treat excess hair nearly anywhere on your body.

Hair growth on the chin, upper lip, jawline, and throat areas is usually caused by hormones. Genetics and medications can also cause excess hair on the face and on body areas such as the chest, breasts and abdomen but, for women, unwanted hair on commonly visible areas like the face usually takes priority.

These are the common areas we treat at PEACH CLINICS:

  • Hairline

We can even out an uneven or low hairline.

  • Eyebrows

We can permanently shape your eyebrows, eliminate straggly hairs below your brow and fine hair extending out to your temples.

  • Sideburns

We can remove hair from sideburns that extend too far onto your cheeks.

  • Ears

We can remove fine hair from your earlobes.

  • Nose

We can remove the fine hairs above your nose between your eyebrows. Note: One area we cannot treat is hair inside your nose!

  • Cheeks

We have specialised lighting and magnifiers to help us to remove fine “peach fuzz” on your cheeks.

  • Upper and lower lip

This is a tender area to deal with. To assist with this, we work with a dentist who can provide local anaesthetic injections to allow hair to be removed from the lips without discomfort.

  • Chin and jawline

Anywhere there is bone underneath the skin is a tender area to treat, but our pain reduction techniques can help with discomfort when treating these areas.

  • Throat

Fine hair on your throat can be effectively removed with galvanic electrolysis.

    • Breasts

    Conditions such as PCOS may stimulate hair growth on your breasts, between them or around your nipples.

    • Abdomen

    Abdominal hair can range from extending up from the pubic area to a distinct "snail trail" to your belly button. However, all this hair can be effectively dealt with by galvanic electrolysis.

    • Lower back

    This is a common area to have excessive hair and removing it will allow you to wear a swimsuit confidently.

    • Underarms

    After the chin, this is the most common area for hair removal. Taking away this hair alleviates discomfort, improves hygiene and means you will never have to shave here again.

    • Forearms and hands

    If hair on your forearms bothers you or appears excessive, we can remove it permanently with galvanic electrolysis.

    • Bikini line and Brazilian

    Many women like to remove or contour hair in this area for increased hygiene and visual appeal. PEACH CLINICS has the specialised gynaecological beds required to perform permanent hair removal in this area with minimal discomfort.

    • Legs and feet

    Smooth, hair-free legs and feet is a universal goal for all women and PEACH CLINICS can help you achieve this goal. Imagine never shaving or waxing again!

    Your hair removal treatment plan

    female eyebrows
    At your initial consultation we will combine your hair removal goals and estimated treatment hours into an individual treatment plan.

    The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area varies from person to person and depends on factors such as the condition of your skin, your skin’s sensitivity and the number of follicles involved.

    This determines the number and the length of electrolysis treatments required so talk to PEACH CLINICS about an individually tailored treatment plan for removing your unwanted hair.