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Until recent times, the only focus of hair removal for men has been on the daily shave, unless you were a swimmer, a cyclist or a body builder. Now that has all changed as more and more men seek better grooming options for all areas of their bodies.

For men, it is not always about removing large areas of hair but about thinning it (back and chest) or sculpting it (beard, chin and nape).

What can I do to remove my hair permanently?

male chest hair removal
There are a lot of ways you can get rid of hair, but you have to consider how much time you have to do this, how much hair you have, where it is and if you are prepared to repeat the removal task over and over again. And more importantly, can you safely reach and remove hair yourself from the parts of your body you want to treat? A good question!

At PEACH CLINICS we can help you stop wayward facial hair growth and unwanted body hair growth permanently with galvanic electrolysis.

Whatever your reason for wanting to remove unwanted hair on your face or body permanently, it’s important to do it the right way in order to achieve the very best look while minimising irritation, not missing patches, and while avoiding uneven results.

Waxing is an option if you want to get rid of body hair for a short time, but it really hurts, lasts for only about two months and will need to be done all over again on hair that sometimes grows back thicker than before.

Trimming hair is another option, but you have to do this every couple of days to maintain a groomed look.

Shaving is a common option, but stubble can be bothersome and you will have to shave very regularly to keep your skin smooth. Shaving also comes with the hazards of razor burn, ingrown hair and pimples and also can be itchy when hair is growing back.

Hair removal creams can seem like a good idea for hard-to-reach places, but can give you a chemical burn or irritation especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you choose laser you generally need to have dark hair and light skin to achieve results. Its risks include scarring, blisters, burns, pigmentation and pain. Laser can sometimes leave patches of hair untreated.

The amount of time spent and the risks and frequency of these temporary methods mean that if you are committed to looking good, you should look for more permanent solutions. PEACH CLINICS specialises in permanent hair removal for men, because we know men want to look the best they can at all times. Multi-probe galvanic electrolysis offers the best option available for your hair removal needs. This method also has the advantage of being able to selectively thin out hair rather than remove it completely unlike with waxing, shaving, creams or laser.

Areas where we can help you with hair removal

male monobrowAt PEACH CLINICS we can help you with permanent hair removal by electrolysis in these areas:

  • Ears
    We can tidy up your ear hair. If we can see the hair follicle, we can remove it.
  • Eyebrows
    We can take away your monobrow, deal with straggly hairs below your eyebrows or provide a clearer eyebrow shape.
  • Cheek and beard sculpting
    If you are tired of chasing hairs on your upper cheeks, need help with getting a clearer beard line or want to tidy up the hairs on your neck, then we can help you.
  • Nape
    We can even out your hair across the back of the neck to establish a clear line that will look good above your collar.
  • Chest
    We can permanently remove your chest hair, thin it out, or sculpt it so that it enhances your muscles.
  • Back
    If back hair is causing you embarrassment or your partner is making hints that you should get rid of it, then we can make it happen.
  • Arms and legs
    If your arms and legs are hairier than you would like or the hair causes irritation such as chafing, we can thin out this hair to increase your comfort level by removing this unwanted hair permanently.
  • Hands and feet
    If you have hair on your hands or feet that you wanted removed or thinned, come in and talk with us.
  • Below the belt
    Yes, we can help with intimate hair removal. Call or email us at info@peachclinics.com.au to find out exactly what we can do. PEACH CLINICS has the specialised beds required to perform permanent hair removal in this area.

Why are men hairy?

salt and pepper beard
Men and women have approximately the same number of hair follicles. What differs is the coarseness of the hair. Hair growth and size is influenced by hormones, in particular androgens like testosterone, which kick in during puberty. As men generally have higher levels of testosterone, they tend to have more terminal (darker, thicker) hair. Testosterone also triggers the densely packed follicles on men's faces at puberty to begin to grow a visible beard.

hairy back and electrolysis for back

What to do with grey hairs

If you think salt and pepper is something that should only be in your food or if you are not ready to embrace your greyness like George Clooney, then come and see PEACH CLINICS. PEACH CLINICS can get rid of white or grey hairs in your beard, sideburns, nape, neck or chest hair. As we can selectively remove these hairs, we can get to them as they appear and without touching your darker hair. No other hair removal method can be as discriminating as electrolysis. And don’t forget, laser is completely ineffective for grey or white hair.

"It [grey hair] is hair with no pigment and the way in which the light has reflected that it looks slightly, slightly greyish in colour," according to Rodney Sinclair, Professor of Dermatology at Epworth Hospital at the University of Melbourne.

Grey (and then white) hair is something nearly all of us experience sooner or later. The number of people with grey hair is staggering. "Of all the people walking around Australia about 75% of them are grey or have certainly got some degree of grey hair," Professor Sinclair told reporter Fi Poole.

Sadly, going grey is an inevitable part of growing old. If this is not the look you want for your body or facial hair right now, or if random grey or white hairs are appearing before you are ready to embrace them, then PEACH CLINICS can help them disappear.

Intensive treatment

PEACH CLINICS offers sessions of intensive permanent hair removal via galvanic electrolysis for men on their chest and body areas. Intensive treatment with galvanic electrolysis significantly reduces the treatment time required to achieve this. It is possible to permanently remove all visible back hair across 4 intensive session 'weeks' over a 6 month period or a little more depending on your healing ability.

For more information, read our dedicated page on intensive treatment sessions for men.

hairy neck and electrolysis for neck
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