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PEACH CLINICS is offering intensive sessions of permanent hair removal for women needing to permanently remove larger areas of unwanted hair.

The advantages of intensive treatment

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When completed under our protocol for intensive hair removal, efficiency gains over regular periodic treatment will reduce this time to:

one third the number of treatment hours…
over approximately half the time
from go to whoa…
at 20% less cost…

When compared with methods of hair removal which require repeated treatment such as laser, thermolysis or blend, the overall savings are even greater.

A commitment to intensive electrolysis sessions will see the elimination of unwanted hair and a return to smoother skin as fast as is possible. PEACH CLINICS offers intensive permanent hair removal sessions of galvanic electrolysis for:

arms, legs and bikini area…

Intensive electrolysis sessions for removal of hair may require you to remove yourself from work and social activities while your skin recovers.

Contact PEACH CLINICS to enquire about starting your journey towards bare, hair-free skin with our intensive treatment program.

The Intensive Permanent Hair Removal Program

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This service is unique:

Nowhere else is multi-probe
galvanic electrolysis
offered by way of
intensive treatment sessions…

PEACH CLINICS will never undertake electrolysis on you unless we have first discussed treatment with you, have obtained your relevant medical and health information and assessed whether intensive galvanic electrolysis is the right choice for you and your skin.

After your first session, you will see a dramatic reduction in the number of visible hairs. Depending on the area being treated, 40% or more of visible hair will be removed in the first series of treatments.

Permanent hair removal requires hair growth to be visible in order to treat it but this can be as little as 2mm to 3mm.

Overall, intensive
treatment sessions mean
less required treatment time…

Sessions are generally conducted in a one-day-on, one-day-off regimen. This gives your skin a measure of recovery between treatments. Each session lasts up to 8 hours plus brief stretching breaks.

Facial hair will only be removed in sessions lasting up to 4 hours and subject to advice from our clinicians.

Where practicable, dental injections are offered for the chin and lips alongside relaxation techniques to assist with pain management during treatment sessions. All dental injections are administered by qualified practitioners. We also provide video glasses and Netflix for you to pass the time.

On your off-days we encourage you to undertake lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid, reduce swelling and encourage healing.

Intensive treatment sessions require a break of between 6 and 8 weeks. Hair grows in cycles with only a quarter to a third of hairs actually visible at any one time. The remaining follicles are dormant. In order to allow the next cycle of hairs to grow through, treatments are staggered at these intervals.

For interstate, country and international clients who need accommodation, we have an established relationship with Travelodge Sydney Wynyard which is only 50 metres from our city clinic.

How to get started with an intensive treatment program

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You can inquire about intensive treatment by email at or by calling PEACH CLINICS on (02) 8877 0000. We will need to conduct a consultation with you to discuss your needs before booking your treatment sessions. If you live interstate or overseas we can do this via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Intensive treatment sessions cannot be booked online, as longer lead times are needed to prepare for them.

Intensive treatment is also not suitable for everyone and is carried out subject to the advice of our clinicians.

PEACH CLINICS city clinic is situated above Wynyard Train Station and you can catch a train directly to us from Sydney Airport or Central Station. Buses from all parts of Sydney also stop right outside our door.

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