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Many athletes choose to painstakingly remove their body hair on a regular basis. Whatever your sport, whatever your passion, come in and talk with us at PEACH CLINICS to ensure your body is the clear, well-defined, hair-free machine you want it to be!

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Permanent hair removal for swimmers, runners and cyclists

swimmer climbing out of pool
Swimmers often shave their entire body to gain a competitive advantage by decreasing the 'drag' of water over the skin and studies show that it can effectively increase performance with a reduction in blood lactate, decrease in oxygen consumption and an increase in stroke length: www.livestrong.com/why-atheletes-remove-body-hair.

As well as making your body more aerodynamic, permanent hair removal by galvanic electrolysis will prevent ingrown hairs and shaver rash.

legs of road runner
The reasons cyclists remove hair on their legs is more to do with comfort than with speed. Crashes are a constant factor to consider in road cycling and it is much easier to treat wounds without hair getting in the way and it is much less traumatic when the Band-Aids or dressings come off. Professional cyclists also remove hair so that massages are more effective. Lycra outfits also fit better and look better without hairy legs.

All this adds to the psychological advantages, if not the scientific reasons, why you feel and look better on a bike with hair-free legs.

Other athletes such as triathletes, wrestlers and bodybuilders remove hair to prevent chafing and rashes as well as to meet aesthetic objectives.

In the sport of running, where fractions of seconds matter, it’s not unusual to see runners with hairless bodies as there is a proven performance advantage behind this. An article in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise demonstrated that times ranging from 0.01 seconds in the 100m to 5.7 seconds over the course of a marathon can be achieved by removing hair on exposed skin: vidasleek.com/blogs/blogs/how-hair-removal-improves-athletic-performance.