My problem

With everyone obsessed with wanting to be hair-free, it seems like new options pop up every day promising to rid you of the fuzz. I have stubborn blond hairs on my face that I constantly pluck and wax. It’s time consuming and annoying to do every day. Shaving, waxing, threading and tweezing are all common methods for at-home results, but more and more people are turning to procedures that get rid of your hair for longer or even permanently so let me tell you about my experience with galvanic electrolysis.

Available solutions

The most common of these procedures is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal uses pulsating light beams aimed at the hair follicle to heat the melanin in the hair. When the laser heats the melanin, it tends to burn and this causes the hair follicle to TEMPORARILY stop producing hair. However, laser hair removal DOESN’T work for lighter hair colours. This means it wouldn’t do a thing for those blonde hairs on my face that I want gone.

My solution

While looking for other options, I discover a procedure called galvanic electrolysis. Electrolysis was developed more than 100 years ago to treat ingrown eyelashes. Except electrolysis doesn’t just remove the hair: it PERMANENTLY destroys the hair follicle that produces the hair. A hair follicle destroyed by electrolysis will never produce a hair again…. WAAAHOOO!!!! With results like that I was really surprised I hadn’t heard of more people getting it and I wanted to experience galvanic electrolysis for myself. As it turns out, electrolysis is very popular in the transgender female community. This is because, although laser can remove the dark pigmented hair on men's faces, it’s never a permanent solution.

Just like any procedure, you want to make sure you find a reputable and knowledgeable person to perform it. I made an appointment with Alana Dzurek, a licensed electrologist in Beverly Hills. She works by inserting a tiny needle deep into each hair follicle holding a hair. Then a low-level electrical energy pulse is sent into the follicle to destroy it. The existing hair falls out, and the process repeats hair by hair. With the multi-probe method, she uses 16 needles at a time making the process much faster. She removed 150 hairs per hour for me and could remove up to 1000 hairs in a 4 hour session.

My experience of galvanic electrolysis

My first appointment lasted an hour and a half. She was able to remove most the hairs on my upper lip and also the hairs on the side of my cheek and along my hairline. I had the option of using a numbing cream, but for the sake of writing this post, I opted out of it because I wanted the full experience of galvanic electrolysis. I had heard the procedure was really uncomfortable or painful but those rumors couldn’t be further from the truth. The actual size of the needles used are thinner than a strand of hair, and virtually painless when they enter the hair follicles.

I literally fell asleep at one point during the process but I was able to watch myself in the mirror and watch how the hair came out. I cried laughing because I looked like Frankenstein with the needle wires stuck to my face. After she did my face, I had Alana remove hairs on different parts of my body to see how it felt to experience galvanic electrolysis elsewhere. She removed the hairs along my bikini line as well as hairs under my arms. I asked her the craziest place she’s ever removed hairs from: a man’s balls! So there are basically no limits to where you can do this.

My results

I’m so happy with my results. I think my experience of galvanic electrolysis confirms that the procedure is perfect for people that don’t have hair dark enough for laser treatments to be effective, or for anyone that wants a truly permanent hair removal solution.

Special thanks to Alana of Beverly Hills Hair Free
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