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Intensive Treatment

Want to remove your unwanted hair quickly as well as permanently? PEACH CLINICS offers clinically supervised intensive sessions of electrolysis hair removal to help you achieve your goal of being hair-free super-fast!

Click below to find out more about this service exclusive to PEACH CLINICS in Sydney…

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Call us on (02) 8239 9300
for an appointment or click below to access our online booking system. We can also talk to you in general terms about the cost of electrolysis hair removal.

See which therapists are available, see when they are available, and make your booking from anywhere, at anytime.

Ask Us a Question

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We don’t just do hair removal…
hair removal!

When you look your best, you feel your best and you have the confidence to do your best. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of bare, hair-free skin by offering the most effective method of permanent hair removal available – galvanic electrolysis. Our treatment works on every hair colour and every skin colour.

PEACH CLINICS’ multi-probe galvanic electrolysis for hair removal is kind to your skin and the safest, most effective hair removal method available. Galvanic electrolysis has a proven track record of consistent and permanent results and has been in use since 1875. It is the only hair removal method recognised as permanent by the US Food and Drug Administration. No other method can make that claim.

Are we bare yet?  Your search for beautiful hair-free skin is over when you arrive at PEACH CLINICS. We will help you achieve the results you’ve been longing for. Experience the satisfaction and confidence of knowing your problem hair will be gone forever. No more waxing, no more shaving, no more tweezing – ever again!

At PEACH CLINICS, prices for permanent hair removal start at $135 for a one-hour treatment. Shorter treatments and multi-hour treatments are also available. Click here to see why you should choose PEACH CLINICS for your permanent hair removal solution.

Why Choose Peach Clinics

Peach Clinics reception desk
PEACH CLINICS is a new and unique hair removal clinic: we remove hair permanently. Our city clinic is situated near Wynyard Railway Station and Barangaroo in Sydney’s CBD. PEACH CLINICS also operates from spa resorts in Marbella, Spain.

Everything we do at PEACH CLINICS is aimed at ensuring your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

Here’s why you should look no further than PEACH CLINICS for permanent hair removal with galvanic electrolysis.

We specialise in just one thing

  • PEACH CLINICS only provides multi-probe galvanic electrolysis for permanent hair removal. We do one thing and we do it well – because we know it works!
  • Galvanic electrolysis is the only hair removal method that eliminates the stem cells at the bulge of the hair follicle as well as destroying the blood supply at the base of the hair root in a single treatment. The hair root can never regenerate.

Location, location, location

  • Our city clinic is situated above the newly refurbished Wynyard Train Station. With our lift going directly to the Station Concourse, you can be on your train or bus safely within minutes.
  • With over 78 bus routes and 4 train lines passing nearby our building, no clinic is better located in Sydney than PEACH CLINICS.
  • If you work in Barangaroo, our clinic is just a short stroll up Wynyard Walk.
  • Travelling in for an appointment from the country, interstate or overseas? You can catch the train directly to our clinic from Sydney Airport.

We will never put you at risk

  • At PEACH CLINICS we follow the rules – we never bend, break or ignore them. Our therapists work within the law and will never attempt a procedure for which they are not trained.
  • PEACH CLINICS will never treat you without first discussing the procedure with you, obtaining your relevant medical and health information and assessing if galvanic electrolysis is the right choice for you and your skin.
  • PEACH CLINICS has its own sterilisation room and sterilises all reusable items in bench-top sterilisers (autoclaves) and ultrasonic cleaners.

Our clinical environment

  • All PEACH CLINICS treatment rooms are built to medical standards.
  • We operate Australia’s first Opti-Vizion System HD – a video microscope similar to those used in microsurgery to magnify your skin up to 40 times allowing us to perform the most accurate treatment possible.
  • We limit the use of alcohol-based products to minimise dehydration of your skin.

Meet Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach

Georgia’s super power is that she never sleeps. She’s always around to answer your questions: any hour of the day or night.

So go ahead, ask Georgia a question!

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What our clients say

Straight Guy,

Stray Stubble

I'm a mature straight guy who suffered literally for decades with stubble around my neckline aggravated every day by tight shirt collars. I thought I had to just put up with it until I came across an article about permanent hair removal in a men’s magazine and decided to take action. My first step was to get informed on the various options: creams, laser or electrolysis. I ended up at the Peach Clinics website initially conducting research; all the options plus pros and cons of each were there in plain jargon! I opted for treatment at Peach Clinics for three main reasons:
  • Their website; it educated me allowing me to make an informed decision about the best treatment
  • Their attitude; they answered all my questions. On both occasions when I called they responded with answers only, with no pressure to commit to an appointment!
  • Their personnel; As Bronwyn, the senior consultant, said to me at one of our sessions...."we're successful because our clients recommend us to their friends not because of how many times they themselves visit us"
And that is exactly what I’m doing now, recommending Peach Clinics to any guy who's thinking of finally doing something about an issue that you thought you just had to put up with, well you don't!
GC – September 2018

Blog & News Articles

girl looking at own boobs

When clients come into Peach Clinics, they sometimes say, “You’ll never guess where I have hair growing”. Well, there’s almost nowhere that would surprise us, but one of the least talked about areas where hair grows is around the nipple, actually around the areola, to be precise.

Not many women will share the fact that they have nipple hair and it’s rarely something you read about in the mainstream media.

But hairs, random or otherwise, around the areola or on the breast itself, are more common than you would realise. Just like other skin surfaces on the body, the areola contains hair follicles, so hair on a nipple or breast is completely natural.

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