Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 12-21% of women of reproductive age and the figures are even higher for indigenous women. It’s not known what causes PCOS and there is no cure for it, but its symptoms can be alleviated and here, PEACH CLINICS can help.

Both men and women are born with approximately the same number of hair follicles. At puberty, girls will continue to grow vellus hair (soft light peach fuzz) on their bodies while, in boys, testosterone will trigger these hairs to turn thick and dark and accelerate their growth as terminal hair.

What is PCOS hair?

An excess of androgen in the female body can lead to a hormone imbalance. With PCOS, excess androgen in a woman triggers the same hair growth process as occurs in teenage boys. Once these hairs turn terminal, they cannot return to their vellus state.

Diagnosing PCOS

Young women will often learn they could have PCOS when they present to their doctor with irregular menstrual cycles or with fertility problems. In older women, metabolic features of the disease begin to dominate. These women will present with obesity problems, excessive body hair or loss of scalp hair.

In Australia, 70% of PCOS cases
go undiagnosed and untreated

Permanently Removing PCOS Hair

PCOS women can experience male pattern hair growth leading to facial hair, chest hair and dark hair on their arms and legs. The only solution to deal with this unwanted hair is permanent hair removal. PEACH CLINICS has particular expertise and experience in dealing with excessive hair growth, such as that caused by PCOS.

PEACH CLINICS is dedicated to helping women with PCOS achieve bare, hair-free skin by offering the most effective method of permanent hair removal available: multi-probe galvanic electrolysis. Electrolysis works on every hair colour and every skin colour. It is kind to skin and is the safest, most effective hair removal method available. Using galvanic electrolysis, PEACH CLINICS has a proven track record of consistent and permanent results in alleviating one of the most disheartening symptoms of PCOS sufferers, unwanted hair.

Galvanic electrolysis has been in use since 1875. It is the only hair removal method the US Food and Drug Administration recognises as permanent. No other method can make that claim.