At PEACH CLINICS we frequently see ingrown and damaged hair caused by desperate measures our clients have used to keep unwanted hair at bay.

What is ingrown hair?

A healthy hair grows straight out from the follicle, however, the hair can bend and begin to grow downward if anything such as oil, dead skin cells or even a scar blocks part of the follicle. Eventually, the hair will become completely trapped underneath the skin. Follicle excretions, which normally come out on the surface of the skin, become trapped and form a cyst around the ingrown hair.  Depending on the rate of growth of the affected hair, the cyst can range from a small lump in the skin to a quite a large growth while pain from the ingrown hair can range from mildly annoying to very painful.

What does ingrown hair look and feel like?

Hair cysts that form near the surface of the skin can form a white or yellow head. Cysts forming deeper under the skin can present as a swollen red area. They can easily become infected and itchy.

What causes ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs commonly occur where hair is closely shaved, waxed, or frequently plucked.  These actions give the hair shaft greater opportunity to become distorted as it attempts to grow. This occurs especially if the hair encounters debris left in the follicle by these methods of hair removal. These hairs are also more common in people with coarse or curly hair.

How is it treated?

The best treatment for ingrown hair is to permanently remove it. To release the hair and drain the cyst, the top of the cyst needs to be cut open, not squeezed, in order to allow the hair to uncurl and come to the surface. An antiseptic is applied on the area to prevent infection and to encourage the cyst to drain. All this needs to be done with care to avoid the potential for scarring, hyperpigmentation and keloids.

Using galvanic electrolysis, PEACH CLINICS can then permanently remove these hairs and ensure the problem never returns. So, don't put up with ingrown hair. Come in and see us for a discreet and confidential discussion about these annoying hairs. Call us on (02) 8877 0000 or book on this website.