We live in an age where there is huge pressure for instant results more than long-term investment. Humans have hardwiring to make us want things - now! We call it instant gratification, and it’s a powerful force. The cost of electrolysis in the long-term is the most effective hair removal method available today as the graph above demonstrates.

Unfortunately, many people look to hair removal methods which can deliver immediate and cheap results, but the downside to these methods is that they don't permanently remove hair. The best they can do is to reduce the rate of hair growth. You need to repeat them, year, after year, after year…

How much is your time worth?

With electrolysis, the initial upfront investment may be greater, but it pays off as your unwanted hair is gone, forever. Looking at the graph above, you can see how amazingly cost-effective electrolysis is over time. It is lower than the cost of waxing over just four years and lower than laser over thirteen years. Considering the time you'll save NOT visiting with your beauty therapist or your laser technician and your savings are even greater.

Take a look at the comparison charts below for more specific areas of treatment:

Compare cost electrolysis bikini

Compare cost electrolysis chestCompare cost electrolysis legs

Compare cost electrolysis shoulders